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With a 3D background in metalsmithing and jewelry, I hoped to use this more attainable medium  of digital collage work as a way to get inspired again.  Although I’m using new technology to create these pieced together worlds, the electronic pencil allows me to still incorporate a hand-drawn element. I deconstruct old photographs, oddities, or crisp images rich in textures and string them together to create new reality. These realities become new worlds, which are direct extensions of my mood. Although color and intensity change with each collage, they all become more detailed, more energetic, and meticulous as I go.  The cautious digital erasing, done with an electronic pencil, is my meditative state. With some images requiring hours of erasing, it is there, that my mind settles. Once my mind has settled, the fusing begins--like puzzle pieces, I assign a new narrative for each element.



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